Former Police, Corrections Officers and other Law Enforcement Personnel are Getting Paid 6-Figures as Overseas Security Contractors!

Are you a police, corrections or law enforcement veteran about to transition to civilian life or looking to take a break from the current negative climate in the US? Life in America’s expensive and the pay is never enough. You risk your life in the service of others but have little more to show for it than big financial pressures and a lack of gratitude for the service you give.

However, there is a solution that will pay you big money to use your experience and law enforcement training. You can get out of debt, pay for a nice home and stash plenty of money for fun and your retirement in just a few short years. We’re talking REAL money, not peanuts, for the exact same type of work you are doing now.

Use Your Skills to Pay your Bills!

Defense contractors around the world, and particularly in the middle east, are hiring men and women with police,corrections and other law enforcement (INS, Customs, DEA, etc.) backgrounds for security contractor positions. It doesn’t matter what branch of enforcement you were in or the jobs you performed. Current, former or retiring officers, your skills and experience are in high demand! You can make life changing money and pay off your debts in as little as six months. However, unless you know where to look, how to apply and what to say, you will never get those high paying jobs overseas.

Security Contractor Academy Offers Three Levels of Information

Security Contractor Academy is a complete course designed to teach you what companies to look for, how to apply and what to say during the interview. The course is packed with information about techniques for finding work, what your day will be like, how to manage the big money when you get paid and what it’s like being an overseas contractor. Every module has both audio and PowerPoint slides you can download to review anytime, anywhere. There are three-course levels from which to choose, Starter, Professional, and VIP.

The 11 Module Starter Course includes:

  • How the defense industry works
  • What salary range to expect
  • How location affects pay
  • Where and how to apply for the jobs
  • What to expect once you start work
  • Types of Positions available
  • Why work Overseas vs. Stateside
  • What the living conditions are like
  • Pay ranges for different jobs
  • The Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)
  • Who are the best starter companies?
  • What Interview Questions to Expect and a Walkthrough
  • Read and review the formal Offer Letter
  • What to expect at the CRC (CONUS Replacement Center) And these are only some of the answers and information you’ll get in the starter modules. Once you understand the basics of the application process, it’s time to get down to the business of getting hired and deploying.

The 9 Module Professional Course is where you will learn insider information such as: Why Work in the Middle-East? A Deeper Look

  • Commercial Options in the Middle East
  • How to get and renew a PMP Certification
  • My Top 3 picks, who they are and why they’re good
  • 27 Additional Resources
  • How to have an effective Cover Letter
  • Top 5 Difficult Interview Questions
  • How to Negotiate Salary
  • Pay Cycles
  • How to make efficient use with your time “in the sand.”
  • How to use the money that you are going to make a permanent change in your life


The professional course was designed specifically for Senior LEOs. It’s the key to the doorway that leads to higher-paying supervisory roles. If you’ve been in supervisory roles before, then this is the course you need!

Bonus Information Exclusive to my Students!

I’m going to share some hard-won information with you as a student of Overseas Contractor Academy and give you insider tips to the defense contractor industry that no one else will tell you. These two items alone are worth the price of the course because this is where most applicants wash out or lose money.

  • The five most common tricky contractor interview questions that weed out 90% of applicants
  • The “secret weapon” to use for salary negotiation that can instantly bump up your pay by 5% or more (This secret will add thousands to your salary!)

VIP Membership for the Fastest Way to Getting Hired

As a VIP Member, you get exclusive access to jobs, recruiters, contractors, and other timely information others will never get. The contacts and information here will put you far ahead of the pack.

  • Professional resume review/rewrite
  • 30 additional resources for finding positions in the middle east
  • Monthly 1 on 1 personal coaching call with Contractor Kevin until you find a job!
  • Immediate announcements of large defense contract awards- get the jump on getting the job!
  • Interview primer/coaching session with a current defense recruiter

Individual Course Price List

  • The 11 Module Starter Course – $299
  • The 9 Module Professional Course – $899
  • The VIP Course (Professional Course PLUS 1 on 1 coaching, interview session and more) – $2,999


Special Limited Time Pricing

I’ve set up these three packages so you can start slow or you can go all in and start making the money you deserve on a much quicker timeline than normal. Because I will be adding and updating this package very soon, I must increase the price to offset the costs.

You Won’t Find This Information Online

Because overseas contractors are typically private people and a somewhat exclusive group, they are often unwilling to give up information to the public. Contractors must sign non-disclosure agreements and are not allowed to talk specifically about their jobs. That’s why when you search for this information online, you only get generic bits and pieces of information. This means it’s very hard to get your foot in the door unless you learn what you need to learn.

The information you’ll get in the Security Contractor Academy Course comes first hand from other contractors like myself who lived the contractor life and been through the system.

“Your graphics had a very professional look. I like the color scheme and the effects are nice. I can see you’ve put a lot of time into the design.”

Sargent Mike Hamill
Audio Video Expert, USAF
RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom

There is No Other Course Like This in the World!

Everything You Need to Succeed, and It’s Risk-Free!

I am confident that you will benefit from this training. However, if you don’t learn from this course in any way and decide not to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity, let me know, and I will gladly refund your money.

Learn how to leverage your police or corrections work and life experience to get a 6-figure job as an Overseas Security Contractor!

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